Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hey everyone,
I had been really sick the past couple of days and then my daughter Fiza got sick from me so I'm sorry I didn't update much. I did make some new pieces though and I have their pictures which I will put in the end.
Life has been so hectic ever since I came back from VA. We got back Monday night and then Tuesday I was feeling a little iffy all day and then in the evening I had a fever and couldn't get out of bed. Then the next couple of days I was just lying here and there, too lazy to move. On Friday, I went out with my mom and Fiza to do some shopping for Fiza but couldn't really find what I was looking for. Saturdays, as usual my busiest day because my husband is home and I try to spend most of my time with him in our room watching new movies that we get from netflix. Tomorrow, Sunday, we were thinking about heading out to Queens and just hanging out there on 78th st in Jackson Heights.

I also have a lot of new necklace ideas that will eventually be put in actual form. I just need a little time to get my thoughts together, especially because Fiza has been extra hyper lately.

Anyways guys, I'll be leaving now because it is pretty late.

Here are the pictures of my new stuff, as I promised. Check them out:

Goodnight people!

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