Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Here are all my new creations. I have not posted anything the past couple of days so I will show you all that I have been upto here. I have been busy chatting on etsy and getting to know new people. I have even made a couple of friends.

I have also made a couple of changes to my my etsy page. Go check it out at

I changed the shop info, added FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, and I also edited most of my pictures. Still working on the pictures though.
Here is my new stuff ... check it out:

Please do comment and let me know how you like my new stuff, and also my shops new layout and the way my pictures are now. I would really appreciate it!
Also, you can check me out on twitter at
I'll see you all later!


  1. I like that black and silver bracelet especially well. And your shop looks good!

  2. Thanks Rachel. All those three bracelets are my favorite! I have posted more pics in my shop so you can check them out at