Friday, July 17, 2009

Red Bedazzled Earrings - Red Wine Quartz on Sterling Silver

Red quartz contains the properties of clear quartz, while adding its own properties of cleansing, harmony, clear thinking and decision making. It also helps to increase energy levels, create positive action and assist with memory recall. This is among the most powerful and versatile of crystals. It aides in positive action, and produces an abundance of physical energy, vitality and is excellent for amplification, storage, focusing, transfer, and transformation of energy. It can be used to clear, to heal, to attract, and to protect. These earrings are composed of three red wine quartz wire hung on an sterling silver earwire. All components used in these earrings are 100% sterling silver.

The earrings measure a little over 2.25 inches in length. The red quartz are about 10mm each.

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